The thought of starting a blog has been marinating in the recesses of my brain for a few years, as have a few other impulses that I have not yet acted on. I recently came to the conclusion that my life has been stalled due to a bad case of perfection paralysis affecting several different decisions. So this blog is the first step on a journey to combat my frozenness, confront my condition and break the ice. I’m jumping in. My goal is to train myself to move from a mindset of “everything is going to go irreversibly wrong” to “what’s the worst that could happen?” I am scared. I don’t profess to know that this will turn out well, I’m setting forth to accept that things probably won’t turn out as planned, and to be okay with that. But the point is, I’m setting forth, because I’m tired of just wondering. People are what they do, not what they think about doing.